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Belfast Born Bred And Buttered

Belfast history through the years, Warts and all. Notorious informers, colourful characters, the 1920 troubles as never presented before with many interesting insights of the past 50 years of this troubled city, Belfast.

Show Me The Man:
The Martin Meehan Official Biography

This is the story of a remarkable Irishman, Martin Meehan, patriot and soldier of the Irish Republican Army, who passed away 3rd November 2007 at his Ardoyne home, Belfast.

Old Belfast Characters

Disappearing with that character of old Belfast are the characters of the people, never again will we know characters like I refer to here in this wee booklet, in some cases we can thank God.

The Killing Fields of Templepatrick

The screams of the women and children became audible to me; the sight of the flames and destruction became visible and I knew that this story had to be told.

Belfast 1807 Street Directory

Street directory’s, like headstones, will always catch the attention of the history buff, and so I took it on myself to reproduce the 1807 Directory of Belfast with some comments by myself on the times, the people and streets.

Ghostly Tales Of Old Belfast

In this wee special Rushlight I have pulled together many stories, about witches, ghosts and hauntings and of course laced with history and folklore.


Belfast Music City, Ireland

A celebration of the great and many musical talents produced in the working class districts of Belfast, Falls, Shankill, Ardoyne, etc, through the years, accompanied buy some very rare photographs.

To Hell Or Hannahstown

In this booklet, “To Hell Or Hannahstown” I am looking back at the 17th century ethnic cleansing of the native Catholic Irish from  the beautiful and bountiful Antrim Plateau, from Islandmagee to Hannahstown.

In The Name of Carsonia 
The 1920's Belfast Troubles

This is the brutal story of the founding of the area known to some as "Northern Ireland", AKA, "Carsonia".


Belfast Through The Years

-A Chronology Of Belfast From Its Earliest Origins.
-With origins of Belfast Street names.
-Tales and facts of Old Belfast.


William Harbinson And The Belfast Fenians

-William Harbinson And The Belfast Fenians, 
-Greencastle Memories, 
-A Place Called Ardoyne and much more…


In this issue of “Rushlight: The Belfast Magazine” I feature the origins and development of the Belfast Falls Road district from it’s earliest days and as usual the article is laced with craic, characters, folklore and history. 
And much more...


Memories Galore Of Old Belfast

-Memories Galore Of Old Belfast 
-A Look at Old Divis Street/Falls Area 
-Daring Escape From Crumlin Road Jail 
-Tom Thumb Lived in Ballymurphy 
-Who Killed Paddy Me Arse 
-And Much, Much More...